Crimes that shook Australia S03E05 Webrip x264-MFO

Season 3, Episode 5 -"Anu Singh"
In October, 1997, law student Anu Singh held two dinner parties to say goodbye to her friends after she had allegedly divulged to them that she and her boyfriend Joe Cinque were to die in a suicide pact. The dark Description would result in only Joe's death. The twisted crime became notorious for its chilling cruelty and bizarre Description which led to Singh being found guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. She was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, but was released early in 2001. The 25-year-old law student of the Australian National University, Anu Singh invited friends to two dinner parties and told them that a terrible crime would be committed. After the first dinner party, Singh made an aborted attempt to kill Joe. Her second attempt was tragically more successful, and Joe Cinque died two days later. The toxicology reports showed high levels of heroin and Rohypnol in his body. This program features interviews with those close to the case including Joe Cinque's parents Maria and Nino (who sadly passed away during the making of this program), Nino and Maria's godson Robert Terrone, psychiatrist for the Crown Dr Michael Diamond, forensic psychiatrist Paul Mullen, Anu Singh's barrister Jack Pappas, Australian Federal Police officer Greg Ranse and first responder Gina Kikos from ACT Fire and Rescue.
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